“He that lacks the time to mourn, lacks the time to mend”

—William Shakespeare

Depression is an indication that the status quo is no longer working ─ that what we are doing needs to change in some way. In this way, depression can actually be a wake-up call, and a doorway to a more fulfilling life. It’s also a very painful process to go through.

And, it takes different forms. For some it raises anxiety levels; making sleep elusive, and panic a daily occurrence that can feel paralyzing. For others it slows the mind and body down; making the smallest tasks of each day monumental. Anyone who struggles with depression experiences anhedonia, or the loss of ability to experience pleasure.

In addressing depression, my approach is eclectic. Each treatment plan will be tailored to fit a particular individual’s needs. Primarily, I use a combination of cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic techniques.

Cognitive behavioral interventions address the immediate discomfort and can bring rapid symptom relief. A psychodynamic approach brings awareness of underlying issues that ─ once addressed ─ can create lasting change.